Anonymous asked: i saw your post about self diagnosing a while back and i was wondering how you felt comfortable doing that? i can't afford to see someone to officially diagnose me, but i feel really weird diagnosing myself. i feel like i'm just looking for something to be wrong with me


I totally feel you anon. Heck, I’ve been diagnosed, and I still feel like I’m being over-dramatic, or needy, or exaggerating whenever I state something specific that’s going on with me.

The thing to remember, anon, is that you have to take care of yourself, and part of that process is understanding what’s going on in your head or body. If in doing research you see a cluster of symptoms that matches your own, and it helps what is happening you stop being so scary and starts helping you understand and deal with it, that can only be a good thing.

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I have a formal PTSD diagnosis. They asked me “are you having panic attacks or flashbacks?” and I said “yes?” and bam, diagnosis. Nobody mentioned it, mind. I just noticed it on my paperwork later. A diagnosis doesn’t make you special, and you’re not trying to get attention by claiming one. If it helps, it helps, and that’s good.


emrybuck2 asked: Your comic strip made me cry it reflects so much as to what it is like to be abused and how to recover , how hard it is to let go of the past even though it's agony to live with

I hope it was helpful rather than triggering. :) I wrote it because I had hit these strange blank spaces in therapy… like, I tried to imagine caring about my own well-being, of why other people claimed to care about me, and there was just nothing there. This was my way of trying to use stories to understand what that meant, and to give myself a way to fix it.