I made this costume for a character from the tabletop roleplaying game Unhallowed Metropolis. UnMet is about the neo-Victorian teslapunk zombiepocalypse, which, you know, awesome. My character, Dr. Josephina Rath (actual play here if you’re interested in the game), was a botanist at the University of London.

In thinking up a costume for her, I set on the idea of this lab apron (original pattern by La Bricoleuse) with nice pouches around the belt area. I brazenly designed what was really just an insanely impractical garment: a white denim lab apron with black leather straps (which were taken from a thrift-store miniskirt!). Fortunately, I didn’t have to use it in a lab; I just had to look fabulous at cons. I hand-painted the University of London Crest.

What I am most proud of, however, is the shirt. I had never done much tailoring (whee medieval costuming), so this was my first go at it. It was done with no pattern; I built my own to fit. 

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